Spiced rice pudding with prune


Spiced rice pudding with prune

To set up the prunes, delicately heat the Marsala, liquor, squeezed orange and sugar in a little pot, mixing until the sugar breaks up. Add the prunes and orange zing and bring to a delicate stew.

Cook for five minutes, or until the fluid has diminished considerably, mixing incidentally. Eliminate from the warmth and leave to stand while you set up the rice. (The compôte can likewise be made ahead and chilled.)

To make the rice pudding, put the rice, 1 liter/1¾ pints of the milk and the cinnamon stick in an enormous non-stick pan and finely grind the nutmeg over the top. Mix daintily and bring to an extremely delicate stew. Cook for 20 minutes, blending consistently until the rice is looking thick and rich.

Mix in the sugar, remaining milk and blended strip. Get back to a delicate stew and cook for a further 35-40 minutes, or until the rice is delicate and velvety. Mix well towards the finish of the cooking time as the rice thickens. Taste a tad bit of the rice and on the off chance that it is still somewhat hard or white in the center, keep cooking for 5-10 minutes more, adding somewhat more milk or water if important.

While the rice is cooking, shake the almonds into a little skillet and fry-fry over a low warmth for 3-4 minutes, turning incidentally until daintily sautéed. Mix a touch of chipped ocean salt into the rice pudding.

Eliminate the cinnamon stick and empty the rice pudding into a warmed serving dish. Spoon the prunes and their syrup into the focal point of the pudding and disperse the toasted almonds on top. Present with additional twofold cream for pouring.

Source : Saffron risoto recipe,


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